In this paper, we present a series of methods developed by the artist, Michelle Teran, for raising awareness ofinvisible spaces created by public wireless communication technologies. These methods include public performance, w here participation is through a series of walks through the city, and workshops where participants engage in the design implications through a process oflocating, examining and documenting some ofthese invisible networks. Overall, we explore methods and strategies for engaging the public, how to create awareness ofthe limitations oftheir perception of communications technologies and techniques that facilitate the debate on the opportunities that these invisible yet rich in meaning invisible spaces might raise.


Teran, M., Chorianopoulos, K., Willis, K.S., and Colini, L. 2006. Dousing for Dummies : methods for raising public awareness of ambient communications. Adjunct Proceedings of British Human Computer Interaction conference 2006, 11-15 September 2006, London., 1–3.   BibTeX