In this paper, we describe the process of gathering data from remote schools. We employed cultural probes and analyzed the collected data with the use of the affinity diagrams. This study includes data gathered from more than ten remote schools and involved more than a hundred students and teachers in the process. This is a novelty as previous cultural probes studies have been done on a small scale and have mostly considered urban environments. We found that ICT technologies might not be employed as planned in remote places and that affinity diagrams are more suitable for analyzing unstructured data (e.g., photos, diaries) rather than semi-structured questionnaires. The results of this research provide insights for analyzing cultural probes from remote places.


Spiridonidou, A., Kampi, I., and Chorianopoulos, K. 2010. Exploring everyday life in remote schools: A large-scale study with cultural probes and affinity diagrams. workshop on Digital Technologies and Marginalized Youth, IDC 2010.   BibTeX