Catch-up TV services on the Web have facilitated time-shifted TV viewing. However, there is limited information about user search behavior with regard to recently time-shifted versus archival TV content. We deployed two distinct content-based web services to explore information retrieval of time-shifted TV content. The first web service is based on a browsing metaphor, while the second is based on free text content search metaphor. We analyzed more than 5000 user sessions from 12 months of logs and found that the programs accessed via browsing categorized program content summaries were typically less than one week old. In contrast, the programs accessed via free text search on subtitle content were typically more than a week old. Our findings provide a first assessment of user behavior in accessing time-shifted and archival TV content. Further research should develop the user experience for content-based TV access and explore the sharing patterns of archival TV content on social networks.


Rautiainen, M., Heikkinen, A., Sarvanko, J., Chorianopoulos, K., Kostakos, V., and Ylianttila, M. 2013. Time shifting patterns in browsing and search behavior for catch-up TV on the web. Proceedings of the 11th european conference on Interactive TV and video - EuroITV ’13, ACM Press, 117–120.   BibTeX