Abstract Digital storytelling is an advantageous practice for older adults. Although researchers have widely studied the effects of various recording media on users, including even their feelings of loneliness, to the best of our knowledge, there is no study that distinguishes and compares those effects within the digital storytelling process. In this exploratory case study, we tried to gain further insights into older adults’ technology-mediated storytelling, the interactions, and the outcomes that different kinds of recording media have on users. Therefore, three storytelling components (paper notebook, voice recorder, and web platform) were used to probe their usability and emotional outcomes on five pensioners in Greece. Semi-structured interviews and questionnaires, among others, were implemented for data collection. According to the results, there was a variety of benefits and shortcomings for each tool. However, the web platform had a clear effect on decreasing users’ loneliness. Implications and future work on digital storytelling are discussed.


Alexandrakis, D., Chorianopoulos, K., and Tselios, N. 2020. Digital Storytelling Experiences and Outcomes with Different Recording Media: An Exploratory Case Study with Older Adults. Journal of Technology in Human Services 38, 4, 352–383.   BibTeX