Get a life

In my free time, I like to surf (mostly windsurfing). Here is a (growing) list of things that i have been learning while surfing:

  • Adapt: The best way to stay on the board is to move all the time and according to the conditions.
  • Travel: You cannot control the conditions but you can find a spot, where the conditions are closer to your preference.
  • Fail: If you do not fall off your board at all, it probably means that you did not learn anything new on that day.
  • Share: Although you can perfectly surf all by yourself, it is more effective (safe, learn, fun) to surf with others.
  • Change: It is easy to go on a straight line, but very difficult to make a nice turn.
  • Timing: You could have landed that turn, trick, jump, etc, if only you had a better timing between body, board, wave, wind, sails.
  • Skills: Most things worthwhile doing have a steep learning curve especially in the beginning, but “the more you know, the more you know”.
  • Gadgets: Keep your gadgets updated, get to know their attributes, spend time maintaining them, but avoid “new is better”.
  • Body: While not on board, stay fit and sharp by cycling, swimming, rowing, pilates, meditation, eating, and sleeping.

Sometimes, I think that the above findings might also apply to other life situations besides surfing.

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