Recent Publications

  1. Garneli, V., & Chorianopoulos, K. (2018). Programming video games and simulations in science education: exploring computational thinking through code analysis. Interactive Learning Environments, 1–16. PDF Abstract
  2. Merkouris, A., Chorianopoulos, K., & Kameas, A. (2017). Teaching Programming in Secondary Education Through Embodied Computing Platforms: Robotics and Wearables. ACM Transactions on Computing Education, 17(2), 1–22. PDF Abstract
  3. Kapenekakis, I., & Chorianopoulos, K. (2017). Citizen science for pedestrian cartography: collection and moderation of walkable routes in cities through mobile gamification. Human-Centric Computing and Information Sciences, 7(1), 10. PDF Abstract

Recent Work

I am doing research and teaching in the broad area of Informatics with an emphasis on the domains of Human-Centered Computing, Entertainment Computing, Computing Education, Urban Informatics, Social Informatics.

Research methodology: human-centered software design, user study (field, experiment).

Application domains: Entertainment, learning, well-being, culture.

During the last five years, I have been working on the following: